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81911437_2719779058100655_1457173496047075328_nWelcome! I am SO happy you’re here, because it means you’re committed to your own creativity (which could growth, continued fostering, or healing art scars), and it means you’re committed to cultivating a creative culture at home with your family.

That. Is. AWESOME.

This is your starting point! Pick a topic and explore some blogs. Be sure to follow by subscribing to the blog, and subscribe to my mailing list. I send out some serious goodies there about my art and processes, workshops, upcoming events, sales, and more! You’ll also get a free download of 12 phone wallpapers featuring my intuitive floral art.

Who am I? Check out my ABOUT page and explore my website!

Thinking About Art With Kids:
10 Ways To Bring Art To Your Creative Baby
What’s Behind Art For Babies
10 Ways To Bring Music To Your Creative Baby
On Listening
Young Artist Trading Cards
Unlearning: Making Art Like A Toddler
A Collaborative Painting
Nature Printing
Pinterest Fail.

Thinking About Creative Habits & Routines:
Finding Time For Creativity
Finding Inspiration
How & Why I Became A Morning Person
Art Journals (How To Keep Yourself Accountable)
Being Creative WITHOUT The Kids
Stealing Time
Getting Organized
The Ultimate Secret To Creativity

Explore Patrick’s Process:
Baby Number Three: Process Post
Adventure Awaits: Process Post
Queen Kingsley: Process Post

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