I finished this beauty late last night w

Hi! I’m Patrick, a creative daddy.

With 3 kids and another on the way, I get it. Life is busy, messes are all-too-often an inconvenience and everything is easier when we clean up after the kids, and limit their art to special events with intense planning.

… except …

That’s not how kids deepen their innate creativity. And it isn’t how we make memories, laughter and build our confidence as Creative People.

So, in this blog I’m sharing how we are raising Creative Kids, and how I’m keeping my own creativity alive in the process. Join me as I wander through the forest of mystery that is raising good humans, and the extra mystery of how to cultivate creativity without losing mine – or my mind – in the process.

You can expect:

  • posts on what we do with our kids to keep them creative
  • posts on how I stay creative, amidst the messy beauty of life
  • posts on my creative work
  • and anything else that boils down to creative living, while raising kids

And what makes me the guy you should pay (a bit) of attention to? Well …

  • I’m an elementary school teacher with over a decade of experience. I see kids who live in creative homes and kids who don’t, and I can tell you right now — it does matter.
  • I’m a father of three with another on the way, and we foster this kind of creative living every day – with struggles and hurdles along the way. (We’re human, too!)
  • I’m an artist, writer and illustrator.
  • I also teach art workshops for kids and for adults … I have lots of experience working with those who have been convinced they aren’t creative as we work on healing their art scars. Trust me, they CAN be healed!