Process Over Product

Did you read the title? Yep. That’s about it. Here it is again in a pretty graphic in case you missed it:

Process Over Product

80968036_471313696906534_2710532596122517504_n (1)

But if you only wanted to know that much, you’d have checked out some inspiration on Instagram and moved on. So let’s unpack this a bit.

I know it’s a bit odd for me to say that the process is superior to the finished product that you’ll hang and look at for years. I am, after all, an artist who wants to create beautiful things and who wants you to pay me to do it. But the thing is … it’s true.

The process is where IT happens. Your piece of art — the one you bought from me, or from someone at a local art fair, or from an Etsy shop, or even from Home Sense (because that artist licensed their work so that many people could love it) — that piece of art, while freaking beautiful, was not a one-off. It’s not JUST a piece of beauty.

That piece of art is the culmination of hours of mistakes, of years of exploring, discovering and making hideous art.

This is why we must value the process more than the products in our shops, on our walls, in our portfolios.

Because the process is a teacher. It’s a revealer, a therapist, a healer. It’s magic. It’s science. It’s everything that matters.


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