Process Post: The Next Chapter

Note: Scroll down for the photos!

The finished product!

When I was approached about painting something for a retiring principal (who I know very well), it was a bit of an overwhelming process. There are so many factors to consider when creating a commission, and in the past many of my pieces for educators have been made for their classrooms or offices – not to hang in their homes.

I wanted to be certain that I remained true to my style, while making the art wall-friendly for a home. I also needed to consider the visual preferences that I knew the principal had, while keeping it a secret! I wove in pieces of her story (which I will not list here in detail), and included the names of the schools at which she worked throughout her career on each book. I will share the overall message, though: the lamp shines hopefully down on an open, but empty book; her next chapter.

Here are some snapshots of the process. I always say, “It’s ugly until it’s done!” If you’re considering a commission from me, you can anticipate the same!

The Process:

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