For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing heavily about creativity, the process and scheduling/stealing time. And while the tone of this has all been about making progress and getting stuff done, today I want to balance that out. This is for all of my Creative friends.


Forgive yourself for missing the deadline. It happens.

Forgive yourself for taking much longer to complete a piece than your ideal timeline. It might mean you are about to break through.

Forgive yourself for making ugly, crappy art. It’s a part of the process. (Remember the Ugly Duckling?)

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Forgive yourself for missing the alarm and not getting a sketch into your sketchbook this morning. Maybe you needed to sleep a bit longer, because your kids would need you more later.

Forgive yourself for feeling like you suck, like you’re not good enough, like you should throw in the towel. You’re allowed to feel all the feelings. You just can’t marry them. They’re gremlins.

Forgive yourself for the growing to-do list and the never-changing “finished!” list. Is anything ever really finished anyway?

Forgive yourself all of this guilt, because in Guilt we cannot create or feel good or productive. Just remember to keep going – keep chugging along, making stuff (up) and getting stuff done.

(One of my favourite quotes from Mr. Gaiman. When I feel guilty and down and like I just can’t forgive myself for not making enough, I remember this quote and I go on, making the things as only I can.)

When forgiveness becomes an excuse, then it is a problem. But sometimes, we need to be kind and forgive ourselves for a tough week, or a rough project, or an unfinished manuscript that just wasn’t meant to be.

As long as it’s not every time.

Forgive, and carry on, Creatives.



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