Create To Create

Note to self: you’ve got to create in order to create more; in order to create better. 

They say you’ve got to spend money to make money.

My journals and sketchbooks sit open and available every day. 

I think you’ve got to spend creativity to make creativity.

Friends, there is no end to the creating and ideas and amazing possibilities that you can make. Creativity doesn’t run dry, it doesn’t go away, it doesn’t stop – unless you do.

Don’t make time to paint? It will be harder the next time you get to it.

Don’t have time to write? That novel will remain a slight idea in your head until it shrivels up and dies a sad, slow, painful death. When you decide to write again, it’s not going to be easier than it was before.

No time to practice an instrument? You get the point.

You’ve got to create if you want to create. You’ve got to pump the well.

A solid reminder – JUST create!

Creativity shows up when you do.

So show up. 

This is where I show up.



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