Exploring & Unlearning – Making Art Like a Toddler

Exploring like a toddler … that’s what art is about. For me, anyway.

I know that I care about the finished product, and there’s no escaping that fact. I want the final piece to be something I care about; something that tells the story I need it to, and does so through both the composition and the overall look of the piece.

I gave him smaller pieces of watercolour paper to explore on.
I can’t get enough of the look of used watercolour paints.

But I’ve realized that when I get too stuck on those final pieces, I lose all joy.

“Oh, my firetruck.”

So I want to explore art like a toddler. Like MY toddler. Grabbing a car to drive through the paint, for no reasons other than that it was there, and it seemed fun.

He’s mixing all of the paint together; just because of wonderment.

I want to mix every color together to see what happens. I want to draw with a marker on wet paint and see what happens. This kind of stuff is scary for adults. I’m unlearning it.

Driving a firetruck through the paint – not much comes from doing that in a very wet watercolour, so he moves on.

I think when we reach a place of unlearning, we learn. We are in the best positions possible.

The final pieces are gorgeous (like him – his spirit and his freaking adorable face!!)

So while it is hard to find the time and energy to create with a toddler and a baby and a full time job, there is no way that I’m going to waste these few precious years of┬ápure inspiration.

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