Process Post: Every Child Deserves A Champion

When a fellow educator asks you to make their art, it turns out that it is actually really tough. It’s one thing to think about education from an outside perspective: desks and text books and smiling teacher, oh my! But when you’re deep in the trenches and have strong (very strong … like, REALLY powerfully sometimes to a fault strong) beliefs about learning and education, it makes it more of a challenge. Add to that, I know – and admire – the client. I had my work set out for me.

After much discussion around imagery, purpose and intentionality of the piece, I set to work implementing a quote that she wanted to use, and I sketched out a few samples.

Pierson Sketch .jpg

We agreed on this image – the teacher is helping the student up, but is not entirely supporting the student. Learning is about the right supports, not entire support. The student is climbing this mountain of books – knowledge – all the while, gently and lovingly guided by the teacher. In the background is the quote, and on the books is a second quote from the same TedX Talk by Rita Pierson. Oh, how I love Rita Pierson’s being, words, and light.

Next, I set to work on the background, drew in the basic structure with chalk, and got to painting. For the faces, I blocked in the colour and set to work on shading and blending later. The text popped in quite nicely, and I was so in love with this piece by the end that I actually had a pretty tough time letting it go! However, it now lives in the Vice Principal’s office at a school in my board, and I’m so proud to be part of this new VP’s journey.

I take commissions! Check out my Facebook page for pricing, and get in touch! (Pricing starts at $0.40/square inch, with uncharges for complexity or intensity needed for each individual piece! This lets me price it out for you fairly, but still adjust to your specific piece. Pre-made originals + prints are priced differently.)

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