Learning from Little People

A long time ago (probably not that long ago) I thought that big people taught little people. 

That was wrong. Very wrong.

The things worth knowing – the most important things – I’m learning from the little people.

Joy. I’m looking for what makes me feel this uninhibited joy now. And it feels good.

Curiosity. Playfulness. Mistakes. How to learn. They’re so connected and they’re so important. At school, in my art, as I write. Setting aside the critical gremlins and blissfully making stuff (up) is opening new sides of my creativity. 

Persistence. He repeats himself until he is heard. He tries and tries and tries. And I’m learning the power of true persistence through his learning. 

Love. Loving without question, without expectation of anything in return. Loving people and animals and places and activities. Love, love, love. It feels good.

Truth. Honesty. Saying the things that make you happy and excited and joyful, loud and clear for all to hear. Being kind in this honest truth, and letting yourself feel. This. We need more of this in our lives!

How different might this world be if all of the big people listened, watched and learned more from the little people? How much more beautiful would our days be? How much more honest and true would our writing be? How much more of ourselves would shine through our art? 

I am so grateful for having two pure humans at home to teach me. 

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