The Story of a New Baby



Not only am I going to be Daddy again (!!!), I put a full month’s work (that’s drawing, studies, colour renders and so on, every single night and nap time) into a book just for Kingsley.

We knew that adding to the family would be an amazing thing … but we are still a bit unsure as to how to help Kingsley (18 months now, 2 years old when Baby G2 arrives) transition.

The solution came in the form of his favourite activity – story time. I brainstormed ideas with my awesome wife and then wrote the story, and set to work illustrating. It is 100% Kingsley, with his favourite actions and activities, and some key moments to help us talk to him to start introducing the idea of a baby brother or sister coming into our world.


I spent about a month secretly working on the project, and ordered it in a large (12×12) format from It was a bit pricey, but in the end, it was worth it. (This post is not sponsored – we used Blurb to make our wedding albums and loved the quality.)


Kingsley pointed out lots of things in the book (like the “puppoo” – that’s “puppy” to those of you who speak regular English), and he mimicked some of the actions (like waving his hand in front of his nose when I read that the baby was stinky, or blowing kisses when the book’s character blew kisses).


I thought I would share some of my favourite illustrations here. I will be posting about some of my process work soon. (If you click the images, you can view them individually!)


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