Music Monday: A Playlist

Sometimes, it’s hard to turn on the radio and be okay with the stuff that is played. Don’t get me wrong, I love bouncing around to it, and so does my kid, but as he grows older, and standards become lowered for what can and can’t be played, I like to turn to playlists. This gives me ultimate control of what’s being played, without having to run to the media player every time a song ends. It also means I can listen to adult music that is kid-friendly. The content and words are appropriate for kids to listen to.

Today, I’m sharing with you “Session 1” of my “Music For You & The Kids” series. I hope you like it. These are songs I love having in the background while we eat, play, art, and drive.

Music For You & The Kids (Session 1)

The playlist includes:

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.31.27 PM

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