Pre-PiBoIdMo Day 4: Account for Your Creativity Like Patrick Guindon

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

BowtiePatrickby Patrick Guindon

Successful Creatives know that in order to succeed, you need structures in place. But wait! Doesn’t that go against everything “creative”? Don’t you need to live within an unorganized, tortured, magical mess in order to hit on the greatest ideas?

Um. No. You don’t need that. You won’t prosper with that.

I really like bow ties. I didn’t know that until I decided to be bold one day, and buy some bow ties, and wear them to work. I tried them. I loved them. I’m wearing one today!

Okay, your ideas and creative success are not like my bow ties. Noted.

But if you believe that your best ideas come during wild bouts of chaos, I dare you to try out some Accountable Creativity. You may end up loving it, like I love my bow ties.

As a firm believer that structures set people up for creative…

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