Pinterest Fail. 

While many of the kid art projects on Pinterest actually negate creativity, I thought I would try this sensory-filling paint activity.

The kids (including mine) in the pictures I have seen posted look incredibly engaged. The project has pros, too: it’s always pretty, and almost zero-mess! 

 The problem is … The pictures lie.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Kingsley SO BORED. He jabbed at the bag a couple of times, then threw it on the ground. I gave it back and he tried to eat it. Then he started chatting and ignored the bag of paint altogether.

My consensus: boring. Don’t bother! I was intrigued personally and ended up drawing on the bag, which was fun for me. But, art activities for kids should be for kids. They’re not messy? Then they’re probably boring. I’ll pull this out again in a few months, and maybe he will be into it, but there’s no mess, so the exploration is limited. Boring!

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