Ten Ways To Be (an) Awesome (parent) Today

Creative Mommy bought me this mug. It’s a reminder to BE AWESOME TODAY, in everything – especially the little things, because they add up.

Ten Ways To Be (an) Awesome (Parent) Today (in no particular order) 

10. Let him play with the remote. (Take the batteries out first.)

9. Let him play with the DVDs. (He is developing gross and fine motor skills.)

8. Say “I love you” at least 20 times. And say it like you mean it, with kisses and laughter. Kiss his belly and eat his feet and giggle and hug.

7. Let him whine. (Picking him up every time he whines will only encourage whining and develop a negative attitude.)

6. Pick him up for cuddles when the whining stops. (This will teach him that a show isn’t required for attention.)

5. Sing with him. Make music together.

4. Involve him. Let him “help”, even if it doubles the work. (He will feel valued.)

3. Play with him.

2. Read with him (every day).

1. Stop saying “no.” Instead, redirect, unless it’s a major safety issue. (Repeated “no’s” negate the purpose of the word. He’s learning and exploring and deserves more than “no”. And sometimes, a little boo-boo goes farther than a “No”. We are big believers in natural consequences, but we watch closely to make sure they are appropriate.)

Be awesome today.

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