Book Review: I Thought This Was A Bear Book by Tara Lazar

I Thought This Was A Bear Book is: hilarious, witty and unexpected.


Tara Lazar‘s interactive story blends a new character (who is looking for his book) in with Goldilocks and three sassy bears.

The entire story is told through speech bubbles and beautiful illustrations. What I especially loved about the way the book was set up was that each character’s speech bubble was a different colour. The teacher in me is screaming, “THIS IS PERFECT FOR A SHARED READING!!!” (As in, “Okay guys! You four will read the yellow, you five will read the blue …” etc.)


I pre-ordered this book a while ago. Tara Lazar wrote “The Monstore,” which is a favourite of mine. I’ve read it with Kingsley a million times, and my students have loved it over the past two years of its existence. Tara Lazar DID NOT DISAPPOINT with her follow up book. The same voice and humour are there, the monsters make a cameo, and yet she brought something new to the table.

The interactivity of this book is amazing for kids, especially those who (unlike mine) are really starting to interact with books. Kingsley is eleven months, so I was thrilled that he was attracted to the colourful pages and really did want to look at the book. In a year, when the bears are speaking to “Reader,” it will be even more exciting! And, I think this will be a book that he’ll be able to read on his own very early. I love how Tara Lazar has, without a single bit of awkward writing, seamlessly integrated the reader as a character in the story.

11745318_10101137556735701_4186898662144023953_nI also love how lively the dialogue is. This was an exciting story for me to read out loud. When you can get physically and vocally excited about what you’re reading, you know you’ve found a great book.

This book was illustrated by Benji Davies. Davies has illustrated a huge number of books, though this was my first time seeing his work. A quick google search has made me a HUGE fan! His work complements “The Monstore” extremely well, while bringing a vibrancy and flavour all its own to I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BEAR BOOK.

My rating (system posted below):

BEYOND edible!!!!! YOU MUST GET THIS AND READ IT A MILLION TIMES TO YOUR KIDS!!! And if you’re a writer or illustrator, this has to be in your collection.

10407824_10101137556730711_844559628124148759_nCreative Daddy Rating System:

Edible: It’s so good we want to eat it!

Viewable: It’s good, but we don’t feel the forever-connection to it.

Oncer: We’ll read it once, maybe twice, but it just wasn’t for us.

Meh: Move on.

More Tara Lazar Coming Soon!!! Pre-order now:
I Thought This Was a Bear Book

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