Music Monday: That’s What’s Up + FREE UKULELE LESSON

This week, I’m bringing you some hippie rock: “That’s What’s Up” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes. The video even stars KIDS so you know it’s perfect. The Ukulele Lesson is down below the music videos. 🙂

Most of their songs are kid-friendly, so you can play it, dance and sing along with the kids and it is all good. Some of the slower ones are great for lullabies, too (I’m thinking: Carries On).

Here is this week’s MUSIC MONDAY, followed by an awesome cover of it by Lennon & Maisy, and then the FREE UKULELE LESSON so that you can play for (or with) your kid!

And now, the cover:


I’m using a slightly fancier ukulele. It was a gift on our honeymoon from Creative Mommy. She’s the best.

You don’t need anything more than a basic starter one, and they come in tons of fun colours. We have these Mahalos at my school and I play them all the time. As long as they’re tuned, they sound awesome.

If you’re looking for a Ukulele Tuner, I highly recommend putting out the $15 (or 14.99 or whatever they charge!) and getting the iPhone/iPad/iPod app GuitarTuna. It will give you a tuner for all sorts of instruments. You should select “Ukulele” and then the first option (“C”). Hit each button, which is clearly labeled for the string, and twist the tuning knobs until the tuner “bings” to tell you that you hit the right note.Once it’s tuned, it’s next to impossible to make it sound bad. DISCLAIMER: When you have any new stringed instrument, it will require tuning every time you play it for the first month or so. After that, it sort of “settles” and stays tuned for longer. If you have a baby or toddler like mine, then you’ll still be tuning lots because he will be obsessed with fiddling with those tuners! Fortunately, even slightly out of tune still sounds good, especially if you’re not musically comfortable or “gifted” (you say gifted, but I say PRACTICED).

You’ll find strums that work for you, and you’ll find your groove. I promise! Just stick with it. Your Creative Baby needs you to show her the way! I was outside the other day working in the gardens and I could hear some beautiful music. I thought that Creative Mommy had some music up loud, and when I came in I found her sitting on the floor with Creative Baby, playing music for him. It sounded awesome, and she never feels confident in her musical abilities. She’s learned from me, and so if she can do it, then I believe that you can do it, too. Follow the video and ask questions if you need to on the Facebook Page, in the comments or at-me on Twitter!


As mentioned in the video, some helpful links:
– Chord Charts
How to READ Chord Charts (scroll down to the picture for it to make sense)

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