Book Review: I’m My Own Dog

Every day, we aim to read (at least) 3 books to Kingsley. They’re often repeated several times, and so books must be witty, charming, beautiful and quirky to make it into the “repeat” pile. Today, I’m going to tell you about one of my personal favourites of the past year:

I’m My Own Dog, by David Ezra Stein

We started off this morning playing. I always get up with Big K on Saturdays and let Mommy sleep. That’s how you stay married, I think.


After some breakfast and playing, we got to the book bin and I pulled out this gem.


This is the story of a dog. He’s his own dog. In fact, he can do for himself most of the things that dogs do for humans.

I’m My Own Dog is clever, straight forward and hilarious. When I’m reading this, I sometimes get so riled up that Kingsley looks a little worried. The voice in the writing is just right, and the naive yet elegantly complex illustrations are welcoming and friendly.


This page reminds me of my friend, Lianne:


For the book to serve me, a 30 year old man who has read the book at least 15 times, and to serve Kingsley, a nine-month old boy who is busy army-crawling everywhere …

IMG_0804       IMG_0803clearly, this book has the right mix of quick text, bold illustrations, and ability for dramatic reading.

David Ezra Stein has showcased his clever sense of humour and his ability to couple text to pictures in this soon-to-be classic.

My rating: edible

More info here:

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Creative Daddy Rating System:

Edible: It’s so good we want to eat it!

Viewable: It’s good, but we don’t feel the forever-connection to it.

Oncer: We’ll read it once, maybe twice, but it just wasn’t for us.

Meh: Move on.

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